Donkey Hire

About Donkey Hiring

Each of our donkeys has their own individual character and have been selected for their loveable temperaments, nothing makes us happier than seeing the smiles on all that meet them regardless of their age.

Our donkeys have 3-4 months a year off enjoying the long days out playing and grazing in their field, and also have access to a field shelter should they wish to escape the weather.

The welfare of our donkeys is paramount they are regularly visited by the vet and farrier, also all vaccinations and worming are kept upto date to help ensure they are fit, healthy and in 1st class condition. Also no happy working donkey would be complete without lots of love and attention!


Roo her best friend Eeyore are Our longest standing residents, Roo is a feisty Jenny who is top of the pecking order who also loves her food, she is on a diet throughout the summer months, Roo was born in 2007, she is always happy to see you will give you a lovely brae when you arrive at the stables, she is exceptional when out about meeting people having some essential exercise. She is a loving donkey who adores to be groomed.


Eeyore is Roos sidekick they are always together, he is a gorgeous very cheeky boy who is always up to mischief, he is an escapist artist and has been known to limbo under the lowest of fences, he was born in 2006, Eeyore is so cuddly would stand all day to be fussed groomed, He is amazing with children, heís the most gentle boy when needed, he is such a character and everyone who meets him falls in love . He is always ready to give you a big kiss when you arrive, Eeyore doesnít like dogs and will chase them if he gets the chance .


Bambi is our biggest Donkey, heís a beautiful donkey and has bags of love to give, It took a long time for us to gain Bambi his best friend robins trust, both were very afraid of men did not like being around them. He couldnít be any different now knows he has a safe home were he is adored, he loves meeting all the children adults when heís out about.he was born in 2009, Bambi really loves to be stroked & groomed, he doesnít like to be on his own and enjoys the company robin our little heard offers


Robin is our smallest donkey only suitable for little children to ride, you would never know now the bad start he had in life, he is so loving trusting, he knows heís safe adored , Robin is such a funny little donkey often canters in from the field for his tea , Robin was born in 2006 , he is always glad to see you if your lucky he will give you a brae it is quite rare tho so we always feel privledged if we get one.


Betty is one of the sweetest Jennies you will ever meet. Like Bambi Robin Betty her best friend Mabel didnít have the best start in life. When we picked them up they were painfully thin full of lice they had over grown feet were very very nervous around us, it surprised me tho how soon they started to trust us, Betty soon realised no harm would come to her she blossomed into a confident loving donkey, she is brilliant out about and at home , she is so easy going and will try anything you ask of her , she loves any and all attention and is so willing to please, she was born in 2010.


Mabel is a gorgeous Jenny who loves her food as much as Roo, When she arrived she was painfully thin, full of lice and had overgrown feet, you couldnít get near her ears but like Betty it didnít take long for Mabel to trust us, she knew she was safe and loved , we took it very slowly and started grooming at Mabels pace, she is now a donkey who adores people and being stroked you can even give her ears a scratch , she had issues with her teeth and gets them done every 6 months they have really improved and cause her no pain now , she is so funny and has the loudest brae which she always gives when you arrive , she is a joy to have on the yard and Iím so glad she now has the life she deserves. Mabel was born in 2009.


Delboy is our newest addition , he was born in 2011, he is a gorgeous cheeky typical lad always up to something, he fitted in so well and it felt like we had always had him , he knows his plac ein the herd and loves to play with the other boys, he loves the company of people as well as donkeys loves any fuss given , heís brilliant when out and about and never fails to gain fans with his gentle temperament handsome face .


Charlotte is our baby , she was born in 2019 and is totally adorable, she already loves being groomed and will give you a chase round the field while you poo pick , she loves attention and is welcome member of our little family.